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The Prayerful Life Planner

Life circumstances forced me into seriously considering an online business, but I was soon inundated with "how to run a successful business" advertising. I was trying to learn everything I could to become successful.   

In the midst of it, I lost the time that I once devoted to the more important matters of life, like growing closer to God and raising my children. On top of it all and despite everything, I found myself running an unsuccessful business.  

I tried all the keys out there to run a successful business.  Most of them made me an unhappy person. I felt distant to the one relationship I valued most, Christ Jesus, my Lord and Savior. 

But God had not forgotten me.  When I came to the end of myself, He sent his grace, a book on prayer, "Prayer: The Timeless Secret of High Impact Leaders."  

Planner and Journal for praying and planning out your day.

At the end of this book, I had been very much persuaded that real effectual prayer was missing from my life and from my business.

What I needed now was a tool to discipline myself in effectual prayer and thus, the Prayerful Life Planner began to form. 

When you subscribe to my Prayerful Life Planner email list, I send you a 31-day planner FREE. Subscribing to the Prayerful Life Planner list means you will also receive updates on the planner and encouragement for your prayer life. 

Somethings about the Prayer Planner:  It is undated and its one flaw is that you have to arrange the printing according to the month you are in.  I am still diligently creating more prayer journals and I may consider offering dated planners with more journal pages (for a fee) in the future if there is a demand.  Otherwise, I hope you find my free-will offering of this planner useful.

Prayer matters more than ever in the body of Christ.  We must store up spiritual riches for our children and I believe we do this through our prayer life.  We must pray ahead of our children, and I want every Christian mother to be stirred up in effectual prayer because our children will need it for the days ahead.  

May you be inspired to pray mightily according to the scriptures in the spirit of Christ Jesus our Lord.