Has the reason you homeschool gotten lost in the struggle of math?

Has math become that tediously boring subject of question after question? Every day you open up the dreaded textbook and strive with your kids to get 25 problems tackled in under an hour. 

Your kids are bored of it. You are bored of it and it has become like doing the dishes. It must be done but no one is enjoying it.

Didn't you start this homeschooling journey to walk with your child and see the beauty of God's creation everywhere?  When did it turn into such a painful chore?

You tried making it more fun by using manipulatives and maybe for a day this made those textbooks and workbooks less painful. But soon interest waned and you start looking for another manipulative to bring back that fleeting joy.

But no matter how many manipulatives or curriculum you buy it never lasts. You are soon over-run by manipulatives and curriculum and in desperation you give the kids their choice of manipulative just to get through five math problems tear-free.

It only backfires and it seems these tools that are supposed to help just turn into a giant distraction.

But what if it wasn’t the manipulative that’s the problem? What if it’s that dry textbook that has sucked out all the wonder of math? What if it’s your lack of confidence to inspire your kids to love math?

What if you could be given tools to cultivate that wonder for math and have confidence to abandon the traditional textbooks and workbooks?

What if math class became like art class? What if your children were excited to begin the day with math? What if they created beautifully complex equations that delighted them and stunned you?

Caleb Gattegno revolutionized the world of education back in the 50s and 60s when he began to show the true learning capabilities of young children using Cuisenaire Rods as his magic tool, and while the world saw the promise of the manipulative, they couldn’t abandon the textbook and the traditional teaching methods.

The revolution was put on hold and when Cuisenaire rods appeared to have lost is luster, new manipulatives rose one right after the other that soon we were making our own out of beads, pasta, rocks and popsicle sticks.

It wasn’t the Cuisenaire rod that was lacking. It was the teacher and the textbook. If we had only heard Gattegno out, then we would have seen that the real magic was in Gattegno’s approach to opening the beauty of math to children.

With the help of Sonya from Arithmophobia No More, I have created task cards, worksheets and activity mats  that capture the essence of Gattegno method, so that you can easily begin to unlock your child’s ability to discover the beauty of math for themselves.

Gattegno recognized the importance of a child’s individuality and that traditional textbooks forced a child into the same mold denying the child the freedom to think and discover for themselves.

Module 1 is unique in that it provides problems to solve but freedom for your child to find the solution for themselves. The Cuisenaire rods are the tool by which your child can test out ideas and validate their solutions.  You will be given SIMPLE language, Meaningful tasks and PLAYFUL context to help engage your child and give them simple tools to discover math for themselves. 

These tasks are stepping stones for you as a teacher to gain the confidence you need to open up the wonder in your child and help him to see the beauty of math and the beauty of his own thinking.

You will begin to unleash your child’s natural mathematical inclinations and see the possibilities of exploring deep mathematical truths outside the textbook.

Want to learn more?  I invite you to check out 12 weeks of stories and math to get familiar with my products so you can feel confident in you purchase.

What you get:

I teamed up with Sonya from Arithmophobia No More to create these task cards, and she is offering the first module of the Hands-on Learning with Gattegno free at her blog, but it is also included in your purchase of PDL's Module 1 Activities and Printables.

12 WeeKs of 


This is for you if....

  • Math is ending in tears.
  • You want to know how to become a better home educator.
  • Developing deep, self-corrective thinkers is more important then memorizing facts, algorithms and definitions.
  • You are looking for individualized instruction for your child.
  • Want a curriculum that provides endless opportunity to self-express math and where math ideas are discovered instead of informed. 

Check out these learning opportunities!  

Get a look inside and see what it's all about!

Freedom of Expression

Children have freedom to find their own solutions to the tasks.

Exhaustive Discovery

With 10 number building play mats, children have the opportunity to exhaust all the ways you can build numbers up to ten. 

Playful Exploration

With 10 mats plus worksheets, your children will love rescuing these mischievous chicks and practicing building complements.

Reusable and Versatile and Printer friendly

   Black and white version is Available.  Plus, print once and return to them again and again.   Plenty of opportunities to expand exploration in each task card.

Explore thru Comparison

With 3 versatile comparison play mats, children have plenty of opportunity to discover ideas by comparing and contrasting.

Soft Introductions

There are several simple tasks that provide a soft introduction to factoring, equivalencies and multiplication.

Teacher Directed Tasks

Several  Teacher task cards help you to direct exploration to develop awareness for important mathematical concepts.

Practice Building Equations

Children get an easy introduction to writing equations by first reading and verbalizing what they see.

Get Sonya's Manual Free

I created these task cards to go with Sonya's Hands-on Learning with Gattegno Manual Module 1,  and she is giving away module 1 right now over HERE.   Get all the ins and outs of each task card activities.

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PDL's Math Task Cards now!

Have you see enough?  Are you ready to have your kids begging for math?  You can go right over to my Teachers Pay Teachers store and purchase these cards today, and don't worry, there is a printer friendly version of these task cards and play mats, so don't let all the color scare you away.