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Play, Discover, Learn Course Area

Welcome to the Course Area.  There are 4 sections to PDL's Course area. If you want a simple introduction to Cuisenaire rods using picture books as a background, I recommend beginning with the 12 Week Early Math Discovery Course.

12 Week Early Math Discovery Course

The 12 Week Early Math Discovery course has one lesson a week.  It is a simple literature base program using Cuisenaire rods as a tool for math play.  You can also use it as a framework for PDL's Module 1 Task Cards and Manual.   

Play Area

This area is designed to introduce you to different teaching strategies that you may want to begin playing around with and add to your math routine. 

Discover Area

In this area, you will be introduce to Gattegno's Textbook 1 and discover the progression of play through guided task activities.

Learn Area

In this area, I will be adding tools and strategies for improving retention through math journaling.  Tools to look for will be math journaling pages, visual maps, and more.