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Week 12 | Odd and Even with Cuisenaire Rods


Students explore the general idea of transformation in the context of the missing rod structure.  


  • Small Group Set of Cuisenaire Rods
  • “A Pair of Socks” by Lois Ehlert

  • Making Pairs Journal Page


Read ​“A Pair of Socks” by Lois Ehlert

Throughout reading the book, pause to have students observe why each sock does not match the sock, but also notice how the socks are similar.   

Play the sock matching game at then end of the book and then transition into finding pairs of rods. 

Class Discussion

Today, we are going to find pairs of rods.  A pair of rods is two rods of the same color, like these two yellow rods. (hold up two yellow rods).  Here is a pair of light green rods (hold up two   light green rods.)
  If we stretch the pair of light green rods out, what rod is the same length? (Let students use  trial and error to find the rod.  The answer is dark green).   We call this rod even.
  Let’s go back to our desks and make a pair of same color rods.  Make a pair of white, red, light  green, purple and yellow.   Find an equivalent one rod train for each pair of rods.
 Does anyone have a pair of same color rods equal to light green rod? (No)   IF you add a   white rod to the white pair, is it the same length as the light green rod? (yes)  We call the light  green rod odd.

Math Journal Activity

The following journal page is provided for continuing exploration of odd and even in the context of staircases.  For more odd and even activities, check Module 1 Task cards, worksheets and play mats.   

For continue exploration of odd and even, check out PDL's Odd and Even Exploration Bundle.

a pair of socks exploring parity