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Subtraction can be presented in two ways.  The structure though is pretty much the same. 

Missing Rod​

In this activity, the child is looking to find the rod that is missing.   This structure demonstrates to the child the connection between subtraction and addition.   That is subtraction is a part of addition and addition is part of subtraction. ​

The task card featured to the right belongs to PDL's Math Task Cards and Play Mats for Module 1. ​

Lock and Key Activity​

This activity is a version of the missing rod, and it is one I learned at the Gattegno Conference.  The missing rod is presented as the missing key that unlocks or locks the lock.  

I enjoy this activity because it adds an element of story which can cultivate a stronger memory for the child. ​  Because of the story element, children are more likely to buy in to the activity, and they can get pretty creative in building lock and keys. 

This activity featured to the left is PDL's Lock and Key Subtraction Exploration for Cuisenaire Rods. ​