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I blog all about our math discoveries and explorations as well as our early learning journey with my littlest.  I also love finding the most efficient way to offer learning opportunities to my children.  

Recent Blog Posts

How to Teach Factorials with Cuisenaire Rods
"Mom, what's a factorial?"  Um, let me get out my colorful box of Cuisenaire rods.   In case you thought[...]
Perspective for the Homeschool Mom that Feels Behind
There is always that one post in your social media feed that makes you panic. You know the post. It[...]
Why Keep Math Journals
Nature journals opened the next door for us when I realized the connection between math and the habit of observation.[...]
The Habit of Observation for Math
The habit of observation radically changed the way we did math.  One day in my struggle to teach math, Sonya[...]


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About the Author

As a mom who found all her children hating math, I knew I had to rethink the way I was teaching.   Through Gattegno's pedagogy, my eyes were opened to the best way to connect with my children and to develop them into self-reliant learners. Come join me on this journey and see a new way to approach teaching your children.