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Infant Reading

Notice: I am very passionate about spreading the news about baby's learning to read. I am that crazy woman who will share the gospel of baby reading at the park to any mommy holding a baby. These are affiliate links but they support the Early Education for Every Child Foundation. This is an amazing foundation that provides Brillkids Early Learning Products free of charge to schools across the world in underdeveloped countries. Teaching young children to be excellent readers is world changing, and I am proud to support EEECF. Thank you for using these links and supporting EEECF with me.

So one day I stumbled upon this amazing forum of parents successfully teaching babies to read, and I happen to just recently given birth to my third child. I decided I had to give it a try. Five years later, I am embarking on that journey again with my fourth child, and I know this time I am not doing anything crazy.

I know this time I am doing something that is going to open the world to my fourth child just like it open the door for my third child. To be honest, it really changed my entire view of children and their capabilities. My other two didn't learn to read as babies, but they did learn to read very young and read way beyond the standards of their typical age group.

No, I didn't spend hours making flash cards. I just invested some money into Brillkids Little Reader, and it was by far the best money I ever spent. Little Reader changed my life and the forum of parents at Brillkids inspired me to open the world of learning to my children. I am sharing it with you because for some peculiar reason, baby reading gets picked up and discarded as some stupid idea. We are either labeled "tiger moms" or we just gave birth to natural geniuses.

The fact is neither is true. Often times, we were just moms who decided to test out the idea, and when we found out it was a beautiful way to connect to our children, we just became sold out for baby learning everything. It's a pressure free way to connect and bond with your baby, and it is simple as pushing play.

Oh no did I say "pushing play." Before you pull out the statistics on babies and screen-time, we live in a media saturated environment and I am right there with you. We need to seriously consider how we utilize screen time, but I can say I didn't ruin my child using this program. Today, I have a 5 year old who loves to read. He has begun to pick up chapter books all on his own and finish them in an evening with full comprehension.

He also loves Geography and I mean LOVE every capital, every flag, every state, every country, major landmarks, rivers, mountains, ....I could go on. Did I stand around and teach him this? Nope, he is all self taught in the Geography department. I just used Brillkids to teach him how to read as a baby, and he personally chose Geography before he was two years old.

Teaching your baby to read isn't about creating geniuses.  It is about cultivating a joyful love for learning at a young age.  It is such an amazing way to connect with your child, and that is what I want to share with you. Go learn more at Brillkids and consider using this coupon code which gives you 10% off BKAFF120965 and supports EEECF