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I offer a variety of Cuisenaire® Rod material at my TPT store found HERE.  These materials are based on Dr. Caleb Gattegno’s teaching subordinate to learning pedagogy.  In addition to this pedagogy, I have also added task cards to many of the products to expand exploration and deepen understanding.  All the materials are suitable for the youngest of children.  Cuisenaire® rods unique feature is its ability to unveil a variety of mathematical properties with just about any configuration.  So whether you want to immerse the child into number building or explore fractions, the material I have created will meet your needs and immerse your child into a comfortable environment of math play.

You can set up my Cuisenaire® rod activities as math centers, as a notebook or for print and go. I highly encourage you to set it up as an interactive notebook with a discover page opposite side of each activity.  This allows children to return to each activity often and in time record a discovery or two at every visit.

For more on Cuisenaire® rod resources, I have compiled a list of blogs, videos and books below.  For more ideas and Cuisenaire Rod inspiration, follow me on Instagram or check out my Cuisenaire Rod Activities Pinterest board.

Arithmophobia No More is a great resource for getting started in using Cuisenaire Rods and  a heuristic pedagogy where teaching is subordinate to learning.   She goes step by step through Gattegno’s books.

Gattegno Conference is a great week long conference that was recorded and you can gain access to it online for a nominal fee.  I found it a very valuable to see a heuristic style of teaching in action.

Glenys Hanson’s Blog is full of articles on The Silent Way.  It is a method for language acquisition based on Gattegno’s pedagogy of “teaching subordinate to learning.”  The idea of developing awareness is applicable both in mathematics and foreign language acquisition, so much of her blog has a lot to offer whether you are teaching math or another language.


Dr. Caleb Gattegno wrote several books on his method of teaching with Cuisenaire Rods.  You can read his books for free online.  Just click the title of the books. 
Gattegno Mathematics Textbook 1

Gattegno Mathematics Textbook 2

Gattegno Mathematics Textbook 3 (Not really applicable anymore)

Gattegno Mathematics Textbook 4

Gattegno Mathematics Textbook 5

Gattegno Mathematics Textbook 6

Gattegno Mathematics Textbook 7

Geoboard Geometry

Now Johnny Can Do Arithmetic

A Teacher’s Introduction to Arithmetic

Handbook of Activities for the Teaching of Mathematics at the Elementary School


Madeleine Goutard’s books are more difficult to get your hands on as most are out of print.  She wrote several books on using Cuisenaire rods and Gattegno’s techniques.  You will have to find most of these books second hand.  The some of the books listed are still in print and is available for purchase HERE from the UK.

Mathematics and Children 

Experiences with Numbers in Color

Talks for Primary School Teachers

Mathematics and Children and Talks for Primary School Children


Gattegno’s Conference  – Temporarily Down This Week This was an online conference that I highly recommend for anyone who wants to see Gattegno’s pedagogy in action.  It is also lead by Arthur Powell who practices Gattegno’s pedagogy throughout the conference.  For a nominal fee of $50, you can have access to these videos to reference and develop your understanding. *I do not receive any compensation for referring you to this conference.  I just benefited so much from it that I have to share.

Educational Solutions Youtube Channel

Carolyn Ainsworth Videos on YouTube

Simon Gregg Youtube Channel

Other websites

Cuisenaire Rods, the way of Zen


Education Unboxed

Subtle  This website is filled to the brim with helpful articles on the Dr. Gattegno’s pedagogy “Teaching subordinate to learning.”   This is where you will find articles also by Arthur Powell, Dave Hewitt and many more.