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About Me

"Play with great ideas, discover new ones and never stop learning"

It's just who I am and what I do all the time. It's hard to pin me down into a few words or sentences. I love great ideas. I love implementing them, and in the midst of this, I find myself discovering new ideas. This lends itself to the endless pursuit of learning. I never get tired of it.

From baby reading to homeschooling to gardening to chickens to working a backhoe to hardcore and fun Bible study, I am just an all over the place kind of gal.

With four kids in tow, I know what it is to struggle to provide rigorous learning in a way that appeals to my children's need to play. I want to give you the tools that I use everyday to cultivate life long, joyful learners. I also want you to encourage you in being a life long learner too! Come join me on this wild adventure of being a homeschool mommy!