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Math Task Cards in Beta

Over 400 Math Task Cards are in Beta. I am so excited that this part of the journey has arrived. Sonya from Arithmophobia No More and I have been working together to make Gattegno's ideas and textbook easier to implement. Sonya has been creating a manual to explain all the ins and outs of the activities that are included in Gattegno’s textbook and the Handbook of Activities to make one awesome resource. The first module has been completed and Sonya is offering it free to her subscribers.

While you don’t need my task cards to implement the activities in Sonya’s manual, I made the task cards to help give you a resource that makes Gattegno more open and go. The task cards coordinate with Sonya’s manual by module and sections, so that way you can find them easily in the manual. This makes it easy to find the whys and hows behind the task cards.

Sonya and I want to nail this product down, so currently we are keeping the project in beta testing inside our Facebook group. If you are interested in joining beta testing, come join the Facebook group. We would love to have you!

Alright, I know you want to know more about the task cards, so let's dive in. Mind you we are only in Module 1 of the Manual and there are already over 400 task cards. Plus, there are more number building play mats that include all the rods.

My favorite part of the PDL’s Math Task Cards for Module 1 is the Complement play mats. It is very much spring here on the homestead and we are raising chicks. They are the inspiration of the Complement play mats. My children just love rescuing the chicks out of trouble by completing the staircases.

This activity is easily extendable. You can have the student find more than one way to complete the staircase using more than one rod. You can challenge them to use all red rods. You can also challenge them use white rods. Ask them what they notice about the end result.

Want to know more about Gattegno and his educational philosophy of math? Go check out the new free video course I am creating. Even if you decide your hands are full of math curricula, you may find some of his philosophies and ideas for presenting and teaching concepts useful.

If you are playing with ten base blocks and want a place to get more inspiration or advice on teaching a concept, we would love to have you in our Facebook group. Hopefully, you find it a great resource.

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