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Car Schooling Friday | Science Podcasts for Kids

Homeschooling sometimes needs to be portable aka car schooling. From sports to game day to co-ops to music lessons to grocery shopping, life can be filled with days in the car with four kids.  For every family, this can happen once a week to everyday.  Either way, you find yourself getting very little book work done aka homeschooling.

Car Schooling Fridays

For us, this happens Friday’s. We have homeschool game day, library time, and lots and lots of errands.  With such a jam packed day, there is no time to sit down and get schoolwork done. But never fail, learning doesn’t have to come to a halt.  This Friday series will probably never end because there are so many amazing learning opportunities available for those days of “car schooling.”

It’s all things science today and of course, Podcasts are FREE, and who doesn’t love a good podcast!


Links below will take you to awesome science Podcasts.  I take liberty in saying for kids.  Not all podcasts are for kids specifically like Question of the Week or 60 second Science, but they are short and to the point which is great for kids.  Most are for kids so they  are fun, quirky and a hit with kids.


From Chemistry to Astronomy to Biology to Physics, I think I covered it all.  These are all really fun podcasts.  Brains On is wonderfully done as well as all the Fun Kids podcasts. You can not go wrong with them.  The 60 second science and 60 second Earth are great for when you only a have a quick minute and want some kind of science for the day.

Alright, that is enough science podcasts to keep you busy crossing the entire United States!  I am feeling like a road trip myself.  Don’t forget to Play Discover and Learn 24/7 and with this list of podcasts, you have no excuse.  Sleep learning, anyone?

What’s your favorite science podcast for kids?  Comment below and share the fun!

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