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Fibonacci Exploration with Cuisenaire® Rods

I do adore exploring the Fibonacci sequence personally, and I was excited to introduce this activity.  You must realize that none of my children are fresh minds so to speak.  They have been playing with math as early as one for my youngest and 2 and 3 years for my oldest two.

They are quite familiar with squares and patterns.  When they began building the template, I prepared myself with my questions to lead them to the discover of the Fibonacci Sequence.  However, before I knew it Hannah was discovering the sequence.  Then Micah recalled seeing the sequence Hannah was describing in a book he just read, “How to be a Math Genius.” He immediately began opening up the book and spitting out the rest of the sequence leaving no one time to figure it out for themselves.  Within five minutes, it seemed my lesson was over.

Yep, that is how it goes sometimes. I have no idea now if my questions would have forced much of anything, and that goes to show you that with enough play (and reading), a child can discover just about anything.

Well, as promised here is my Fibonacci Freebie.  It has two activities for exploration.  One is a small Fibonacci pattern, and the other is just slightly larger.   If you enjoy the freebie, please give me FREEBIE LOVE.  I would so appreciate if you would take time to rate my product on Teachers Pay Teachers or share a link of my product via Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter. Thanks for being so awesome!

While I had little to contribute to the Fibonacci lesson, the kids did decide to keep building the sequence.  I would encourage you to expand the play off the paper as we did to see how large you can make the sequence.  We soon ran out of oranges, and this was fun way to make the square of the next sequence.

If you don’t know anything about the Fibonacci sequence or want to do more exploration, check out this great playlist I created on my Youtube channel.  The Fibonacci has a lot to offer for continued exploration so make this an activity you come back to often.

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