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SALSA: İFeliz Cumpleaños!

This week we are working on our Spanish employing the task based learning technique.  Our task is a fun task of celebrating a birthday.  I created this fun interactive notebook activity with a birthday theme where they are practicing lots of dialogue they would use at a birthday party.


This has paired well with SALSA.  It is a great Spanish immersion video series that you can find online for free HERE.  There happens to be three episodes on birthdays, and they progressively building upon one another.

While coloring our İFeliz Cumpleaños! activity, we have enjoyed watching these episodes and again, much of the dialogue in the activity I created is similar to what is found in these episodes.  Even more importantly, the kids are able to take some of the sentences that are emphasized in these episodes and include it into their play.  Their Spanish play is developing more everyday, but I still have to emphasize that play time be only  in Spanish.

The kids are also finding use for what they are learning in DuoLingo as well.  We try to make a point to do Duolingo once a day, and they like to compete against each other which has spurred even more practice.  Duolingo has recently added Tiny Cards which is helpful when they are struggling to nail down a certain section in the program.

Tiny Cards is a nice flash card program that helps you to memorize content.  It comes preloaded with flash cards for their language app Duolingo, but it also has flash cards for history, science and geography too.  Plus you can create your own flash cards and share them too.

It amazes me all the time that these apps are free, but there is amazing movement out there to help people get a quality education for free.  Between  Khan Academy,  Crash Course, Apple, Librovox, TED talks and all the greats, we have no excuse for being mindless television zombies.   This is a party worth celebrating.

Anyone’s birthday this week?   İFeliz Cumpleaños!

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