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Listening to the Middle Ages for Free

European Middle Ages offers a lot to learn, and reinforcing learning shouldn’t be a complicated task.   Today, I have lots of free podcasts to help you in your journey.  I also have these fun self-checking task cards with a game board to solidify those dates, vocabulary, geography and important people that you can purchase here.  Medieval Game and Task Cards Learn

Poke cards are fun self-checking cards that allow the student to verify their answers.  It is hands-on fun and the game board allows them to play with others to test their learning.   This a great game to set up for the kids when I have to work with other kids.  It can be hard to balance it all, and we all want effective learning happening without having to breathe down our kids’ necks.

As we play our way through the Middle Ages, I thought it would be nice to keep our ears busy too.  I found a lot of free resources for your listening pleasure all related to Medieval Europe which is what we are focusing on this fall.


Podcasts are pretty great, and I find them convenient.  You don’t have to listen to these on an iPhone either.   We listen to them on the road or around the kitchen table.  Librovox makes their free audiobooks available on podcasts, and there are lots of older books that explore history.

There are also many people who are passionate about history who have podcasts, and they usually shed light on interesting and fun points that get overlooked by your average history textbook. Check out their websites too, because they often add visual aids like maps, diagrams and interesting art from the time period.

Medieval Archives

Story Of the Middle Ages -If you are looking at Story of the World, save your money and just use this book.  It’s free and I find it better in quality.

Treasury Heroes and Heroines – Many historical figures from the Middle Ages are highlighted in this series.

The Legends of Charlemagne by BULFINCH

The Life of Charlemagne by EINHARD

Curious Myths of the Middle Ages by BARING-GOULD

Famous Men of the Middle Ages by John H. Haaren

The History of England by David Crowther

The History of English Podcast by Kevin Stroud

Popular History of France from the Earliest Times by Francois Guizot

A Child’s History of England by Charles Dickens

Viking Age Podcast by Lee Accomando

The British History Podcast by Jamie Jeffers

The History of Byzantium by


For your background listening pleasure:

Sometimes there are activities that require them to think like labeling maps, researching events, etc, and that is when we just need some background music.  The above videos have really set the mood for us.  I tried to find something on Amazon Prime, but what they call Medieval sounds like Renaissance.  I am not expert though.  It is a personal preference to listen to these videos.  The artwork displayed on the TV that is found in the videos help to set the medieval life in their mind.

Well, I hope this list helps you in your exploration of the Middle Ages in Europe.

Check out more awesome free ways to homeschool at this fun link up HERE at HBAT.


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