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When the House Gets Quiet

Yep, this is a rain basin that I created with a backhoe earlier this spring to gather up the desert rains.   I hadn’t thought about it gathering up children.  Of course, when the house got quiet and it was a particularly hot day, I had to go check on them.  This is what I found.  All I could was laugh.

I posted this picture on a local gardening group, and I got a lot of reaction.  Sometimes I don’t realize how special their childhood is especially in today’s society where kids are too busy growing up.  I think my kids made a lot of people’s day.

Mouthfuls of dirt here.  I hear now that scientist say microbes are really good for us and getting out in the dirt makes us happier and healthier.  Well, these kiddos sure did fulfill their yearly microbe quota in just one day.

Because of their year long interest in the Revolutionary War and Liberty kids, they have named this Bunker Hill and Bunker Lake. Bunker Hill is actually a huglekulture that I created out of dead wood and the extra dirt from the rain basin.  I guess it makes a fine jumping off point though.  Yes, you can see by the boots in the bottom of the picture above  that this mud party started off as an innocent wading about in rubber boots, but of course, someone “slipped” and chaos ensued.

This is the diversion swale that leads out of Bunker Lake.  They were having some kind of adventure when I found them.  I will say monsoon has been light this year to the children’s disappointment, and they haven’t been able to go roll in the mud since.

Looks like my kids aren’t the only ones rolling about in the mud.  Check out this awesome mud pit in an enchanted forest. 

Are you kids meeting their daily dirt quota? Comment below with your crazy summer adventures.


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